In-Cabin Airline Carrier with a Divider for Two Pionus Parrots

In-cabin Airline Bird Carrier for Two Small Birds
Special Made for: Two female Pionus parrots that don't get along perfectly
Base Model & Size: Bird Airline Carrier
Material & Trims: 1680-Denier Nylon Gold Color
Lining & Mesh: Grey Lining with Stainless Steel Mesh
Price does not include the Fleece Cover


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Increase length to 18" (i.e. 18" L x 10" W x 11.5" H)
  3. Add a divider in the center with the lower 5" covered
  4. Allow attachment of a 18" lengthwise perch
    (we will still include two 10" perches for attaching widthwise in case the bird like it better that way)
  5. Two water bottle insertion holes with cover
  6. Include two cups
  7. Price does not include the Fleece Cover


Date Completed:    September 2015

We have positioned the perches differently to each bird more suitable space inside.

Begin with:

Your site shows an airline carrier for two small birds (different from your standard one-bird airline carrier). I can't see the dimensions. I'm wondering if this would work for two Pionuses, or if things would be very cramped. I need the divider It's two girls who don't get along perfectly and I worry about the small space.

We should probably make it longer to give each bird a little extra room – say at 18” or 20” length depending upon the airline you are traveling with’s length limit. It will give the bird a compartment of 9”x 10” or 10” x 10” size. We can position the perch across the long side so that the birds has more tail room. The birds will be placed from the side door and stand facing the front opening. We can place two cups on each compartment or we can have the water bottle position move to the front for strapping the water bottle from the outside..