Pak-o-Bird Modified Medium First Made for a Congo African Grey

Small production, ship in 2-3 weeks

Dimension: 13" L x 12" W x 18" H

(Original 15" width is also available)

Weight: 4 lb. 10 oz. including

  • Shoulder strap 3 oz.
  • Front / backpack strap 8 oz.
  • Wide support panel set 9 oz.
  • Roof support bar 1 oz.
  • Aluminum base support bar 2 oz.
  • Floor panel 3 oz. (removable to reduce weight)

Additional weight:

  • Stainless steel cup 4 oz. each
  • Dragon wood perch 6 to 15 oz. (depends on size)

Perch position (from Floor, seam to seam measurement): 5" from the floor

Fabric: 1680 Denier nylon

Lining: Grey color nylon

Mesh Type: Stainless Steel

Color: Olive or Gold with light grey reflective strip and black color trim 

Detachable parts include:

  • One pair of front/backpack strap
  • One shoulder strap
  • One pair of plastic wide support panel set
  • One detachable plastic floor panel
  • One roof support bar
  • One aluminum base support bar
  • Two 5 oz stainless steel cups
  • One dragon wood perch (all included) 

Difference between African Grey and Medium size:

  • African Grey carrier has ONE perch position at 5" from the floor
  • African Grey carrier comes with the wide panel set only
Congo African Grey named Zen

Zen is enjoying himself
(Photo courtesy of Don)

Date Completed:    Fall 2004

African Greys are smart, funny and very inquisitive birds. They need to be occupied or will chew anything they can get hold with. Please ensure you have toys and keep them engaged all the time.

Begin with:

I recently bought a large Pak-O-Bird for my African Grey. I love the pack and think it is very well made. I just used it for the first time when I took my bird on a trip to Disney World! Unfortunately, he chewed the little o rings [perch hole grommet] off the inside screens. Can these be replaced? Is there a better system? Would the stainless steel be better? Can I return this one and get one with the stainless steel? Also, I would suggest making the front profile rise more before curving back as when he sits on the perch (which is on the lowest setting) his face hits the screen and he gets upset. It would also help to have a support across the top to help keep the shape better.

Not to worry, we can help...
In between:

Following is what I would like to do to make it usable for my African Grey. My guess is that it would probably be easier to create a new carrier with these corrections/adjustments than trying to modify this one.

  1. Replace all mesh with stainless steel mesh (sides and front flap)
  2. Move the bottom perch holes down one inch on both sides (I marked with a red dot). If possible, it would be better to also move them back about a half an inch (I did not mark that).
  3. Remove the extra holes I crossed out (with a red "X") on both sides.
  4. Move holes for the food & water cup holders down one inch (as marked with an arrow and a dot) on both sides. You will also need to move these back a half an inch if you move the perch holes back a half an inch (as noted in #2 above).
  5. You can still use the cross stitching on outside - it will just have to be moved to accommodate the new positions of the remaining holes noted above.
  6. Add the support bar on the top if you think it will help and he won't be able to chew on it."
End with

I wanted to let you know I received the carrier today. It appears that they did a nice job on it. I will start getting my African Grey, Zen, used to it again before I try it out on a trip. Although it ended up being more than I cared to spend, I am satisfied with the quality. Thanks for you help.

Beside the change in the perch position and the elimination of any unused perch holes, a wide panel set is added to cover the edge of the front opening.