Special Rescue Parrots Bringing Joy to the VA Community

Pak-o-Bird XL 34" Height with Special monogram and fleece cover
Special Made for: A group of birds that visits VA Hospital and people with PTSD. They include Catalina Macaw, Triton Cockatoo, African Grey, and several smaller sized birds.
Base Model & Size: Pak-o-Bird - X-Large size 34" High
Material & Trims: 1680-Denier Nylon Green color
Lining & Mesh: Grey Lining with stainless steel mesh
Special Monogram: "+ SPECIAL RESCUE PARROTS +" in Silver Color with Red Cross

Date Completed:    August 2015

Celltei offers Community Discounts to US military family as well as volunteers of community service

Begin with:

I will need a bird carrier for several different sized birds. I can only afford the one so this size should work for me. I have a Catalina Macaw, Triton Cockatoo, African Grey, and several smaller sized birds. I have other dog carriers modified for the smaller birds and I transport them to the VA Hospital where my wife is a nurse and lots of other places to help spread the joy of parrots for us with PTSD. I am a disabled 9-11 rescue worker and these birds saved my life after I got sick from my work at ground zero. Now we give back and hopefully turn things around for other veterans and first responders who might be struggling with depression.. Thanks again I can't wait to get this.

I don't know if it is possible to put 2 red rescue crosses on either side of the monogram or not. I think that would make it look really nice.

For Catalina macaw, you may need the Macaw size and will have it sent for the same price. However, it can be either 32", 34" or even 38" in height depending on the length of the tail feather. You may need to check about the available interior height of your car as well to determine the right size. We will put in a few extra perches with different thickness for the various birds.