Taking three birds outdoor - 2 Quaker parrots and 1 Sun Conure


Custom Made for Two Quakers and one Sun Conure

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird Double
Material & Trims: Cordura(R) Purple
Lining & Mesh: Grey with Stainless Steel Mesh
Reference Model: CM24557

- Dimension: 24" L x 12" W x 16" H
- Made three compartments of 8" each
- Wide panel with thin extension so that the opening is not too small
- Set perch positions at 8" above the floor with perch diameter of 0.7"
- Set the cup position at 8/9" above the floor as there are two cup per compartment so we need to position them higher and lower
- Divider will be covered with plastic on the bottom 10.5" (to lend strength to support the weight of the cups) - that is the cup is set above same / 1" above the perch