B-2. Interior Materials - Nylon/Fleece/Cotton Lining

Interior Materials to Stay Clean, Keep Warm and Comfortable

Many animals are afraid of getting into a dark space unless it is a familiar place.   A lighter interior has many benefits.  It would helps your pet feel more comfortable and may avoid getting motion sickness.  It does not trap as much heat as dark color on a hot day.  You can also the dirt and crumbs behind for easy cleaning.  Yet, there may be occasions that you do want to disguise your pet with a matched interior color and travel incognito.  Regardless, it is always more interesting to have a different color or pattern for the interior.

  1. Nylon with durable water repellent (DWR) finishes - it is easier to clean in case of an accident (pee and poop) and gives more structure and durability to the fabric.   Most of Celltei products use the black color lining with Celltei logo on it.
  2. Low pile faux fur and fleece - it provides warmth and cushioned for those who would travel in colder weather or air conditioned environment.     It can be too hot for your pet as the fabric would trap heat during hot summer days.
  3. Three-layer Polyfleece with DWR finishes - high quality high pile polyfleece with a wind and water guard membrane. it is very soft and comfortable but not recommended for hot weather places. As the fabric is very thick, we can use it in only some designs.
  4. All natural 100% cotton - Breathable and comfortable materials for pets and human alike.     It does absorb liquid including the moisture from your pet breathing and would wear out faster than the coating nylon materials.

Do note that the actually color may vary slightly from what you see here as our monitor/screen setting could be different from yours.

Nylon Lining with Durable Water Repellent Finishes

1. Black

2. Dark Brown

3. Burgandy

4. Grey

5. Purple

6. Stone

7. Turquoise Blue

8. Olive Green
Faux Fur and Fleece

9. Paw Prints

10. Golden Brown

11. Red Wine

12. Brown Swirls

13. Green Camouflage

14. Grey

15. Olive Green Blue

16. 3-Layer PolyFleece
Natural 100% Cotton

17. Spring Greens

18. Summer Sails

19. Autumn Leaves

20. Winter Charms