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"I'm not just a pet, I am a life saver!" Hi, I am Bella and I love my mommy. My mommy looks good; but she is sick and hurts every day. She got hurt 8 years ago when she fell from a plane. The doctors told her they could not fix her and she will always hurt. She tried and tried to get better; but she got worse and then could not work anymore. She was really sad because she lost her friends and could not do things she used to. One day I came to live with her and now she is not so sad anymore. She is much happier because I make her smile and laugh. She likes to take me everywhere which is good because I do not like being left. A lady with a movie camera came to our house and asked my mommy about me. Mommy told her I was the reason she got up everyday. The lady with the camera said I was a life saver and carried a lot of weight on my shoulders. I don't know what all that means, all I know is that I like to see my mommy smile. When she is not, I lick the salty water off of her face and when I finish cleaning her face, she is smiling again. I hope I get a pretty Celltei Heart purse to ride in - they look so nice and I can hide in it so people will let me stay with my mommy. Winner!

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