Airline Carrier for a 25 lbs Shiba Inu

Made to order in 4-5 weeks
Simple Airline Travel Pet Carrier with a lot of expanded areas
Special Made for: Bogart, a 25 lbs. Shiba Inu
Base Model & Size: Backpack-o-Pet - medium
Material & Trims: Cordura® - Coyote Brown color
Lining & Mesh: Khaki Lining (except side curtains in Black) and Black netted mesh


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Change two dimensions to 22" L x 12" W x 11.75" H "
  3. Change structure to have a large top zipper opening as large as possible with zipper running along side and a covering flap
  4. Add a 6" back expandable with a mesh window area
  5. Add a 4" side expandable on the fully open door side
  6. no front pocket, two side pocket with zipper closure
  7. Remove side external water bottle holder
  8. No cellphone pouch
  9. Come with detachable backpack strap and shoulder strap
  10. Fluffy floor pad for the base size - soft chinchilla brown.

Date Completed:    May 2015