Airline Carrier for a young Shiba Inu expecting to be about 17 lbs


Custom Made for a shiba Inu expecting to be about 17 lbs when full grown

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet medium
Material & Trims: Cordura(R) 1000D - Khaki
Lining & Mesh: Khaki lining with plaid mesh

0) Handcut fee 
1) Change two dimensions to 18" L x 11.5" W x 11.5" H 
2) Change structure to have a large top zipper opening like a Sherpa bag; as large as possible. [Sherpa opening measures 7 x 17"] The top opening just needs to have 1 zippered cover in mesh. The roof support panel will go from bottom to bottom for vertical support of 2.5" wide and attached permanently. The approximate open area is 9" x 16". 
3)- Add 5" expandable back extension with a mesh window area on the back extension (with a strip of mesh in the middle) 
4)- Make one side of bag full fine plaid mesh; the other side should remain top half fine plaid mesh with bottom fabric of Khaki
5) no front pocket (so the entire bag will have only one zipper pocket on the side
6) Remove side external water bottle holder
7) No cellphone pouch 
8) Detachable backpack straps