In-Cabin Airline Pet Carrier for a 22 lbs Shiba Inu

Expandable Open Top Airline Carrier with a Lot of Mesh for ventilation and viewing
Special Made for: Hiro, a 22 lbs Shiba Inu
Base Model & Size: Backpack-o-Pet - large
Material & Trims: 1680 Denier Nylon - Olive Green color
Lining & Mesh: Khaki interior lining with green camouflage smooth mesh for windows and top.
Black netted mesh for the expandable area


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Change two dimensions to 20" L x 12" W x 12" H (the 20" length excludes approximately 0.75" each zipper width for the expandable attachment
  3. Top opening has double zipper heads and with green camouflage mesh and center to the top area. The roof support panels go from bottom to bottom for vertical support. It is about 2.5" wide and removable. The expandable portion is placed toward the front (the side facing outside and not against the body). The attached side of the top opening is placed on the left size (when facing the carrier with the expandable portion in the front).
  4. Add a 5" front expandable portion with top portion with black netted mesh. On the outside having the top 1.5" and bottom 2" with body material. The center portion of approx 8" being camouflage mesh (note that the height of this expandable portion is shorter than the full height of the bag.)
  5. The forward facing side when the carrier is being carried on the right shoulder has double zipper heads using YKK auto-lock zipper with a hole on the slider.
  6. Back side window is made of full mesh except for the bottom 3 inches. Both sides can be fully open.  Keep pocket in the front side.
  7. Add 4" expandable to both sides with top portion in black netted mesh and bottom half portion with body material.
  8. In the back side (the side lean against the body), add a large mesh area in the center and a sleeve for inserting the luggage's telescopic handle of 6.5" long and 1" thick in the center at about 4" high position centered to the height.
  9. Shorten the backpack strap by 4".
  10. The drop length of the handle measured from the center top of the handle to the perpendicular point touching the top mesh is about 12".
  11. No pockets nor porches.
  12. Fluffy floor pad for the base size - soft chinchilla brown.

Date Completed:    December 2016