Pak-o-Pet for Rose in Green Camouflage with Pink Trim with matched stroller

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Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 16 pound pug named Rose

Base Model: Pak-o-Pet

Materials: Green Camouflage with pink leather trims

Lining: Black

Mesh: Smooth black


  1. Dimension: 18" L x 10.5" W x 12" H
  2. Shoulder strap in pink leather
  3. Add additional side entrance on the black that can be open flat with same body material and trims
  4. No cellphone pouch
  5. Add cushion cover in green camouflage fleece material
  6. Add a stroller with matched materials
  7. No cellphone pouch
  8. Foldable water or food bowl - small with pink leather +$25
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