Dawn Jones' Littlebit (2008 Winner)

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"I have truly learned the value of life, and how as humans we tend to dwell on our problems. When Littlebit came to live with us it was truly a rescue situation! You could see so many of her bones, and she was severely dehydrated. She hadn't been given enough food and was eating toys and cloth from her cage. The amazing thing is that her first want was not food or water. She was so overly joyful to be put on the floor and have someone play with her, she ran and leaped so much that I had to stop her because I knew she needed to eat. And being in my arms she was in heaven! As people we aren't like this, if we are mistreated or have bad things happen we usually complain, and don't tend to be thankful when good stuff does come around again, and guess what....... we are the evolved species,lol!" Littlebit is a girl ferret, born around August 10 2007.

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