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It all started with a request for a carrier for Macaws in 2003. "What is a macaw?" our designer had no idea of their types and sizes. When we received a size chart from another macaw customer a few months later, our designer read through a few more books, sat down and drafted the initial bird carrier design.

Traveling with Birds

The macaw carrier is the most challenging design amongst all Celltei® carriers. We brought the drawings to many manufacturers and received little interest because of its complexity and perhaps no perceived volume demand and orders. To continue developing of this product, we had to be the maker.

After making the complicated macaw carrier, designing one for an average size parrot became easier.

Initial Pak-o-Bird Design

Initial Pak-o-Bird
(with removable drawer
that deemed impractical)

A few customers might have seen the initial design with the drawer. Good idea, and yet, the drawer could not withstand the frequent cleaning and the wear and tear!

Celltei Pak-o-Bird Patent

Incorporating feedback and many suggestions from bird lovers, we continued to improve the design. A decade later, we have a full line of products and accessories for nearly all birds. The re-worked Macaw carrier is lighter in weight but sturdier in structure. We believes the Pak-o-bird design is 95% complete; there is always room for further improvement, of course.

Celltei Pak-o-Bird Awards

Pak-o-Birds was granted a patent and won the Editor's Choice by Pet Products News and Best In Show in the bird category at the Global Pet Expo in 2008.

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