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"Frankie is the newest member of our family. While walking our dog, Sally, one morning in September we came across a box of very hungry abandoned kittens. After a little bit of a struggle and with the help of a truck driver we gathered up the kittens and I lugged that big box home, pulling a very confused Sally along. The kittens were only about 5 weeks old. The little black and white kitten was so cute we couldn't resist keeping her with us. The timing was right. We had lost our beloved cat Oliver to cancer in May and the house just didn't seem right with only our tabby cat Ginny. Ginny has not been amused by the new little monster, but then Oliver was not amused when we brought Ginny home as a scrawny 13 week old kitten. I still remember 17 lbs Oliver walking along with a dinky sized Ginny trotting to keep up at his side, sometimes jumping on his neck to try to pull him down. I will always remember them like that. Oliver would never admit it but he liked playing with that kitten and they grew to be such good friends. Ginny will like Frankie too, she just doesn't know it yet. I know she would never admit it but sometimes she likes playing with that dinky kitten. One thing is for sure, Frankie keeps us on our toes. She is curious about everything, she gets into everything and she eats everything! She also has the nicest purr and the softest furr. You can't help but to love her." ... Tonna B.

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