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"I was lucky enough to travel to Paris in May as a treat for Poochie for being such a great therapy dog! Of course, I managed to enjoy it too! when I called our groomer to tell her, and to ask her to give Poochie his best coif yet, she screamed in glee, "You're going to Paris? Of course, she did a fantastic job and Poochie was all set to wow some Parisian poodles. And what did we keep seeing? Yorkies and French bulldogs! When we finally came across a poodle he was also visitng from the USA! Poochie is a terrific traveling companion, and he always sits well in his animal print Celltei carrier underneath the seat in front of me on the plane. When we arrived at our hotel, they had a bed, bowls and toy waiting for him. At dinnertime, he accompanied me to every restaurant where they gladly welcomed him. At the restaurant in Montmartre they insisted that he sit on the bench with me and placed a mat and bowl for him on the table. During the day I would rush back to the hotel room and take Poochie with me into all of the food shops and buy a terrific picnic lunch which we would both enjoy in the Parc Monceau by the roses. Poochie and I had a great time and fell in love with Paris. We hope to return soon!" .. Helene H.

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