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Lola, the showgirl, was born on April 28, 2004. "Lola LOVES her new Camo Pet-on-the-Go. She feels safe and can travel incognito if necessary to allude those strange people who don't think dogs should be allowed to go everywhere. She of course has her matching camo leash and harness set! Travel in style! Lola is a Volunteer Pug from the great state of Tennessee and has traveled to Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky and even to California in her Celltei! She always gets compliments on her mode of travel! This pic was taken while she was at her Pug Unleashed meet-up near Memphis, Tennessee. You can tell she really likes these meet-ups and playing with the other Pugs! I have been looking at your carriers, and I am so impressed at the quality and workmanship that has gone into your products. I have been looking for a quality carrier for the new addition to my family. Her name is Lola, she is a 7 month old female Pug. I noticed that you do not have any pictures of pugs and their owners on your website. Such a travesty! Either no one with a pug has gotten one of your carriers, and I find that hard to believe, or they just don't have as photogenic a pug as I do. I have of course enclosed some pictures of Lola. She is about 15 pounds, relatively petite for a pug, and loves to go with mom.

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