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"This is my favorite use for the Lite - the Pak is a bit too heavy to ride with. Everyone at the barn gets such a kick out of it, and Abra is happy that she doesn't have to "hang out" on the fence. Since I got Abra from beagle rescue (she was a test dog in a lab), I don't know her exact birthday. We celebrate it on 10/2/01. My horse's name is Miss Tennie Doc Oak (Tennie for short), and she was born on 4/2/92. My new Celltei arrived much faster than I thought it would. Your company is incredibly easy to deal with, and it seems like you specialize in exceeding expectations. As with the last carrier, I can't get over the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. My beagle is probably a bit too big for the medium tote, but she doesn't seem to care that she can't stand up. All she ever does in her Celltei is sleep, and I have to pull her to get her out of it. I'll be sending pictures of her in her Pak and Tote sometime soon! "

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