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I have two American quakers which dont chew but may in the future. And which perch size would suit them too and im unsure what size to get them. Which one do you think would fit them both comfortably please? ...   Brodey (July 9, 16)

CELLTEI:   Quakers are small, if they get along, a standard small size should be big enough for both of them. They are active birds so we do suggest you opt to add the $10 wide panel upgrade to protect the front opening edges.

However, if you do plan to use the carrier as a mobile cage of short overnight trips, you may want to have the medium size so that you can put in more toys / furniture to keep the birds busy when they are in it for a long period of time.

The small is compact and the medium can be bulky particularly if you plan to carry in the front. Here are the dimension for your reference:

Small: 13” Long (left to right – perch length) x 10” Deep x 14” High
Medium: 13” Long x 12” Deep x 18” High

As to the perch size, it should be between 0.5” and 0.75”. You can specify the bird type when you order, we will put in one of about 0.65" to 0.7" for you.


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