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I have three adult cockatiels and want to buy a Pak-o-bird bag to walk them outside. I don’t know whether I should go for a XS, Small, or Medium bag. Many thanks in advanced for advising...   Marie-Hélène (July 10, 16)

CELLTEI:  Cockatiels are small birds but with a long tail. For three cockatiels, we would suggest the medium size so that the birds have room to move around. The medium size can be bulky for a petite woman to carrier in the front. It should not be a problem at all if you would backpack it or carry it on your shoulder. We also make it in 13” (33cm) or 15” (38cm) width if you would want the birds to have more room. Here is the dimension for your reference:

33 cm or 38 cm Long x 30.5 cm Deep x 45.7 cm High

If you would just take them out for walks, it is a short trip and the 33 cm long one should be fine. If you plan on using the carrier as a mobile home for overnight trips, do pick the longer one for more room. You can put toys and “furniture” inside for the birds to play with.

Please feel free to email us again if you have any other questions. If you search on Youtube video with our name Celltei Pak-o-bird bird carrier, you should see some video tapes our customer posted. You would see how various size birds fit into the carriers.

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