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Avoid the "guilt trip", bring your furry or feathery friends with you?    Pets are our best travel companions. They never complain about the trip nor the food and are not picky about the hotel. All they want is to be with you all the time.
With patience and some planning, whether it is a morning walk, a trip to the mall or a long car trip to visit Grandma in Florida, there is always a way to include them. We are delighted to play our small role in making your trip possible. Besides all the standard design, we can help to customize for your specific travel needs. See
Custom Designs. (Photo courtesy of Celltei customers.)

 Traveling with you pets in the subway, around town or overseas? 
There is always a Celltei for you. See users' experiences.

 Have a new pet?  Tips for Choosing the right carrier (with 5% discount)

Is Celltei carrier airline approved?    Most Celltei carriers are designed for in-cabin airline travel. It is made to be compressible but not collapsible to maximize the available height.

Emergency Planning for your pet, please.   The recent earthquake and Hurricane Sandy we experienced here in NY have really shaken our nerves. Please plan ahead for your pet too. Ideally, you should be hand-free and have your pet in a backpack you can manage... See more details ...

Customer i Corner

DIY Invention by Customer

Andrea C. successfully converts a baby stroller into a dual bird stroller: "I have a small pak (for a cockatiel) and an extra small (for a lovebird). It was very easy--it took less than ten minutes."

Youtube Posting of Celltei products

 These postings show Pak-o-Bird's details, user lifestyles and more

 Submissions by dogs and cats owners demonstrating the carriers

Other Frequently Asked Information

  Discount Programs?   For Military Family, Pet Partner, Pet volunteers and those in Need

Some of the Latest Custom Designs
Six Leather Carriers with rhinestones named for each cat
Fashionable Incognito Travel Bag for Nars, a young a well behaved Sheltie estimated at 14-15 lbs.Sheltie
Unique Designer Travel Bag for a 7.5 lbs dog that matches other travel luggages
Emergency Planning - Double Pak-o-Bird Bird Backpack with divider for Two Blue & Gold Macaws
Expandable airline carrier for a 17 lbs. Shiba Inu girl Tokyo  traveling cross country